High Flow Oxygen Device

High Flow Oxygen Device

High Flow Oxygen Therapy Device (HFOT) is a vital medical instrument that helps patients with pulmonary diseases breathe more efficiently. AG-Med's team of experienced engineers developed and manufactured AF-100 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of its most unique and prominent features is that it is simple to use and operate. AF-100 provides patients with steady and continuous airway pressure as well as High-Flow Nasal Oxygen (H FNO) therapy.

AF-100 has been deployed successfully for helping patients breathe during the COVID-19 crisis being faced around the world. In addition to being a vital medical tool during the current pandemic crisis, AF-100 can also be used to aid patients with other pulmonary problems.


Covid, Pneumology, Emergency, ICU, Neurology


  • Efficient venturi design
  • Noiseless operation < 50 dB(A)
  • High flow output
  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
  • Intelligent 4.5" touch screen with colour display
  • Lightweight; mountable on hospital IV stand
  • Stand-alone high flow for efficient use of Oxygen
  • No compressed air required. Option to use Oxygen from cylinder or hospital line
  • Regulated temperature adjustable Humidifier

AF-100 Product Circuit

For optimal use of the CPAP device, the product circuit include

  • 22mm flexible silicon tube (approx. 2m in length)
  • M size Dual port mask
  • PEEP - 7.5 cmH2O (Optional 5-20 cmH2O)
  • Viral / Bacteria filter for inlet port and exhaled air
Input Regulated Oxygen
Pressure 4 -± 0,25 Bar
Flow Range 10 - 100L/min
Oxygen Concentration range 35% - 100% (+_5%)
Positive airway pressure range 3 - 25 cmH2o
PEEP 5. 7.5, 10, 20 cmH2o
Humidification Range 50% - 100%
Technical Specifications
Model AF-100
Treatment mode CPAP, H FT, HFO, HFONC
Pressure range 3-25 cmH20
Alert Set Flow alarm
Warranty 1 year (For 02 Sensor - 3 Months)
Display Flow, Oxygen, Pressure
Language English
Power supply input:100-240V AC,50/60Hz, 230 +/-10%
Dimension (W x Tx H) 200mm X 102mm X 320mm
Weight 1.8kg (with humidifier); 1.6kg (w/o humidifier)
Oxygen range 35%-100%
Flow 10 to 100 Lpm
Number of output port Single